Festival of Faith & Writing update


So many amazing folks I had the privilege to talk with and to listen to during the sessions. One of the first speakers: Eugene Peterson: Poet & Pastor on Patmos. He spoke of a time when he entered the Badlands—valley of dry bones, desolation, and filled with failed dreams. This is where he became a writer – in the Badlands!

In the midst of the Badlands, Eugene got “to the guts, pursued myself, pursed writing and conversation (not explained/directed) but EXPLORED the land of the living.”

  • Listen
  • Look/acquaint self with the neighborhood
  • Then slowly lean into what I don’t know – word by word!

I appreciated his analogy to walking at night with a tiny pencil flashlight between your teeth which illuminates only a few feet away from the walk ahead. Because of the tiny ray of light, one is forced to walk slowly and cautiously each step of the way.


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