Oh to be a cat!

2 lazy cats


Oh to be a cat!


How rough can life be?

I must ALWAYS meow for my breakfast

Sometimes it takes a few nudges

Against pant’s legs to get attention

Time to be still for a few strokes

Next, bath time with a lick or two

Where is my patch of sunlight?

Plop down, spread out

Grab an hour of shut-eye

Drat! That darned sun moved again

I’ll have to re-locate

Trying to get comfortable

Is sometimes a chore

Rest for a spell

Migrate to a food dish

Bath time again

Chase my sister up the stairs & down

Tough decision:

Which of my six cat beds shall I snooze in?

Rest until dinnertime

My owner finally comes home!

Just sit down already

So I can rest on your lap

Life’s pretty tough when you’re inside

The fur of a cat!


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