What’s with Air conditioners these days?

Is this a coincidence or what? This morning, I had to make two calls for appointments already for repairs to air conditioners.  One in my yellow Jeep and the other for our 8-year old home A/C.  The home A/C one I just cannot accept…give me a break!  The A/C is only 8 years old — I’m been told that self-destruction of home appliances under 10 years is a plot–an underhanded plot so that consumers be forced to purchase new everything every 10 years or less!!  Yikes–that’s just not right!!

I know…I know…I should be glad/joyful I even have an appliance to go bad –and I truly am! It’s just that it would be nice if the appliances would LAST longer so I can feel I’m being a good steward of the money.


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