Back on Line

Thanks to my faithful readers for your patience.  We experienced a glitch in the computer system, immediately followed by a glitch in my internal body system.  It appears the computer system glitch has been resolved, and as far as my internal system–well, that’s still a work in progress!

In the last month, I’ve spent two sessions in ER due to dehydration (including a ride in an ambulance from Urgent Care to the hospital!)  The second ER visit resulted in a few overnights in ICU to try and stabilize my vitals.  GI doctor has now labeled my condition as: “Lymphocytic Colitis” which is treatable with meds and bland diet.  So, to have a name to label my chronic internal combustion problem is truly an answer to prayer! 

Thank you all who’ve been diligent to offer kind words of encouragement and prayer for us.  My husband, Steve, has been a wonderful caretaker now that I’m home from the hospital.  He makes sure I take my meds and drink Gatorade and Pedialyte (I’ve grown to hate that stuff!)  My dear friend, Vicki, brought over her special homemade chicken noodle soup which I’m sure has speeded my healing tremendously!

Just thankful to God to be alive and able to sit up at my own computer and sleep in my own bed at night!


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