Steve and I received a most wonderful (and surprise) gift EARLY this morning!  Around 5:30 am, we heard a knock-knock, ring-ring. Again, knock-knock, ring-ring.  “Did you hear the doorbell?” I asked.  The first thing that popped into my head: it can’t be good news–policeman, fireman…

We both roused, made our way to the front door and “SURPRISE!”  Our son, Andrew, Bethany, Liberty and Elijah were standing right there on our porch! And naturally Andrew was videotaping our expressions.  Not a pretty sight, I’m sure!  But, boy, we are thrilled to welcome them earlier than expected.  The bags were packed, put in the car, so they decided, why not! let’s just drive to Michigan now–why wait till tomorrow??  and we’re glad they didn’t wait!!

They are resting now since none of them got too much sleep last  night or this morning on the 11-12 hour trip from Minnesota.  What shall we plan for today?


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