I am not in control

Why in the world would I want to get out of bed early on a Saturday? Not only that, but the day is cold and windy.  I could remain in a perfectly warm bed.  Weeks ago, my friend asked if I’d walk with her in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  The walk raises funds to help fight breast cancer.  My friend is a breast cancer survivor this year. How could I say no?  In fact, I know five friends who have had and conquered breast cancer—four in just the last year and one is a 10-year survivor!

Still, I wrestle with wrangling myself from my cozy domain.  All doubt escaped me as soon as I approached the mall area where at least 7,000 participants gathered.  Local merchants donate coffee, bagels, yogurt and the likes.  It takes many volunteers to coordinate such an enormous, profitable event.  Just in the Grandville, Michigan race alone, nearly $500,000 is collected.

I can’t help but notice all the pink registration numbers.  The color pink signals the individual is a breast cancer survivor.  One group wears a t-shirt with a name of a young girl’s birth and death dates.  The mother proudly displays her celebration of: “My daughter and me,” meaning the daughter died of breast cancer, and the mother is a survivor.

Another young man wears a sign declaring, I race in celebration of:

“My wife, Traci.  I walk beside her today so that I don’t need to walk without her tomorrow.”

Wow, it is hard to hold back the tears.  Yet, sign after sign bears witness of love, celebration, and pain as loved ones names are written on display and pinned upon their backs. 

I am not in control of my destiny.  Of course, it’s important to take care of my body as best as I’m able by eating properly, getting exercise and sufficient rest.  But when it comes right down to it, if God sees fit that today is my last day on earth, today will be my last day on earth!  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  I’ll admit I don’t treasure every day, or every moment as I should.  My mind is usually so far ahead of this particular moment that I miss present blessings. 

How can I live in the moment? What is the secret for me to enjoy today, right here and right now? 


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