“Hold on!”


First thing this morning, I hear the words to Hold On, by Toby Mac. Listen to the meaning behind the words:

“Wake up to the morning light – wipe away the lonely night – let a brand new day wash over you…

So, baby, hold on – just another day or two – I can see the clouds are moving faster now – and the sun is breaking through

If you can hold on to the one that’s holding you – there is nothing that can stop this crazy love from breaking through…

And the stars are up, they’re shining for you – oh, how the Father does adore you – His love will never change

And you and I, we were born to follow the hope that will lead us to tomorrow and no one can take it away.”

Those words of comfort are just what I need today. How about you? I’m stressing out over silly things like grocery shopping, preparation of food, Christmas gift shopping. Then, when I get the gifts home, I need to organize and wrap them all! I just told a friend that I need at least two assistants to get me through these days. But do I? Maybe, I need to rely on the God who knows all. He knows the pinch I’m in and knows how I tend to over-plan and over-stress.

God, you know my tendencies to over-book, try and please everyone, and generally make my family miserable with my demeanor. This isn’t what the season is about…dash here and there, quick prepare this and plan for that, dwell on who isn’t coming to a certain gathering, and who isn’t doing/saying what I feel he/she should be doing/saying. That’s just crazy!

Help me to calm down and allow Your peace to permeate my entire being so I can focus on the true meaning of Christmas:  Your Son’s holy birth.

Ask:  Is there something I can put aside and not do today? Is there something on my list that is really not that important and I can eliminate altogether? What can I do today to focus my mind and heart on what God desires for me?


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