Little people greeting

My morning turned golden at the first sight of the little people in my life and the sound of my name. My day was complete.

First thing each morning, I’d be greeted by a little person running full tilt toward me exclaiming, “Nana-Nana!” We’d hug and cuddle, sit awhile, maybe stroke the kitties. I’d ask if they had slept well. They’d ask about some activity planned for the day or we’d talk about a memory from yesterday. They behaved as if we had all the time in the world. No hurry—no worry. 

Today, I hear no call of my name, Nana, reserved solely for my two precious grandchildren. My son and wife returned back to their home in Minnesota after celebrating the holidays with us in Michigan.  I’m truly thankful for their visit, but I already miss the pitter-patter of little people’s feet along with their every-ready help and unconditional love.


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