Grill bird


It started out to be an ordinary cookout. I pressed the hamburgers into patties and my husband stepped out on our deck to light the grill. However, what he discovered under the grill hood turned out to be anything but ordinary! 

I heard a loud, “What in the world is this?” I came running to see what all the clatter was about and stood back astounded at what I saw. The entire surface area of our grill was covered with bits of straw, grass, leaves and whatever very diligent birds could find to encompass one small bluish egg. And we had just used the grill a week ago! Upon further discovery, there is a larger opening at the back of the grill which proved an open invite to feathered friends. This opening appeared to be an invitation for expansion of a bird’s nesting region.

It took Steve considerable effort and time to clean out the area before those burgers could get near the flames! Later we watched as a pair of blackbirds frantically dive bombed our deck looking for their egg. Steve perched a small portion of the nest and egg in a flower basket hanging near the grill, I’m not sure if they’ll find it or be happy with their new home.

Does anyone know for sure? Is this the egg from a blackbird?


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