Book Review: “To Be Perfectly Honest”


“To Be Perfectly Honest-One man’s year of almost living truthfully could change your life. No lie,” by Phil Callaway

Refreshingly honest in a day and age when telling the truth is not always embraced. For me, it took a bit for the book to get going, but was able to grasp the flow and read on.

After reading through and living 365 days with Mr. Callaway, I wonder how many days I’d survive. Now, I pause when I speak considering if my words reflect truth. I thank the author for genuinely and openly revealing his failures, near-misses, and successes.

I didn’t use the discussion questions at the end of the book, but I can see their usefulness in a study group setting. 

One of my favorite quotes on page 98 shows Mr. Callaway’s transparency:

“I’m barely a week into the new year and already I’m aware of how badly I’ll need grace. Someone once asked the evangelist D.L. Moody if he was filled with the Holy Spirit. He replied, “Yes, but I leak.”  Me too.”


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