Countdown: 2 more days!

Just two more days to pack and be completely ready for our 2011 motorcycle summer out west tour. I’ve laid out piles of clothes I think I’ll need for the journey: blue jeans, shorts, long sleeves and sleeveless tops. As usual, the depth of the piles exceed the depth of my suitcase.  Inside the trailer, we’ll pack our regular black leathers (jacket, chaps) and wear our red mesh jackets during warm weather. This way we’re prepared for all kinds of weather. Snow’s still in parts of the mountains and high altitude.

Steve and I will travel on our candy-apple red Gold Wing motorcycle with trailer in tow. Thank heaven for a trailer in tow. Before we purchased the trailer from a co-worker, all of our belongings needed to be strategically placed in one of the three compartments or attached backpack. Guess I’d better get back to work attempting to pack it all in; after all, I only have two more days to fit in my entire to-do list.

Planning to blog and post a picture as often as possible (every other day?) depending on Internet coverage. Come along with us on our first trip out west!


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