Day #4 – out West trip

Today we cross the border from Nebraska into South Dakota. Itinerary: Badlands and Wall Drug (Wall, South Dakota). 66 degrees (perfect traveling weather on the bike) and sunny. Temperatures will climb to the 90s before the day is done. Slept better because it was the first night there was no loud noises from above or drunks stumbling around in the hallway at 3:00 a.m.

Toured the Badlands, South Dakota on our motorcycle and on foot. Appears like giant sandcastles built upward toward the sky. My mind is too finite to comprehend the Creator’s handiwork. Colorful layers, texture with barely any greenery in sight. Oh Lord, oh Lord, how majestic is your name! And to think, God, you created all this by merely speaking this wondrous landscape into existence.

Motorcycles make up the majority of traffic. Many being ridden; some being trucked in and out for the big Sturgis bike rally. Motorcycles-motorcycles-motorcycles EVERYWHERE we roam.

Today, storm clouds with lightening traveled in front of us, then away from us. We were hit with a little rain. As soon as the front moved on, the wind picked up. Most of the day, we’d experienced tremendous forceful wind on the front side, moved to a head wind, shaking the bike side to side. My teeth, head, and jaws ached—maybe it was due to clenching my jaw so tightly? We only had about ten miles to reach our motel. At one time, clumps of tumbleweed flew across our path under and in front of us. Thank you, God, for your mighty hand of protection over us by missing the storm and keeping us and the bike on the road.


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