Days #5 & #6 – Out West Trip

Day #5: Entering Black Hills, South Dakota – bear country (says a huge billboard)!  On Mountain Time zone now, which means two hours behind our normal time.

Just the ride up Mt. Rushmore Highway to see Mt. Rushmore and the President’s faces was worth the ride. Seeing only pictures of the four men doesn’t do the monument justice. It’s true what they say: at least six sets of eyes followed me. Washington, Roosevelt, and Lincoln eyes seemed to follow me in the afternoon sun. Jefferson’s head, slightly tipped, didn’t appear to follow in the same manner.

As I sat at the base of the monument in the outdoor amphitheatre alone in the hot afternoon sun, a few words came to mind. Democracy, decency, morality, pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. 

Day #6: Arrived at Custer’s Mansion Bed & Breakfast a bit early (2:30). Swung on the blue swing in the yard until the owners came home. As soon as I walk the path to their front door, the heavy aromas of petunias tickle my nose. Netting is spread over all the flowers. Later, I learn deer tend to help themselves. Curious, since the building is near town and the highway runs along the front of the property line.  Tonight, Bob and Pat (our two delightful owners) will house 12 guests. Breakfast is served at 8:00 a.m.  2 from France + 4 teenagers; 2 from Switzerland, and 2 from Minnesota.  Delicious fare of fruit plate and almond pastery, fluffy French toast and sausage links.  Love their hospitality and home cooking! 

In the evening, we rode our motorcycle back for the Mt. Rushmore night lights. What a spectacular sight when tribute was also made to all those who had served in the military from the past and present. They were asked to come to the amphitheatre stage and were given two standing ovations! 

Next stop: Gillette, Wyoming


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