Personal Victory Day #10!


41 degrees upon rising today! I rode a horse for the first time in over 15 years—I got back on a horse again and lived to tell the story! I had a bad experience about 15 years ago when a horse bucked me, landed on my head and suffered a mild concussion.

I rode “Lucky” who reminded me of Mr. Ed from the popular 1960s nonsensical TV sitcom (I loved that show!)  My patient wrangler-trainer, Bo, showed me the ropes (literally) and basics of holding the reins. He explained that I need to lean forward when climbing a hill and backward when descending. Paying attention to centering my balance over the horse is key to sticking with a horse. 

We rode in the Absaroka Mountains (part of the Rockies)—the terrain proved up and down and round about. God provided just the right guide, horse, and timing!  


Bo, our wrangler-trainer

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