Day #14, 15, & 16

Nana and Liberty tubing

Left Bismarck, ND and headed for Sartell, MN.

Kids (and Nana and Grandpa) all excited to be together again. All looked forward to our dinner boat cruise and picnic on the boat. Went tubing with Liberty as we screamed when the big bumps hit us. For the first time, I tried a wakeboard behind the boat. I fell the first time, but was able to pull my weight up on the board, strap myself in and hang on for the ride of my life!

Liberty whispered to me before bedtime, “I’m gonna wake you and Grandpa up in the morning!”  Nana wouldn’t want it any other way. Sure enough, in came Liberty followed by her younger brother, Elijah, up on the bed before we were awake.

Activities included (but not limited to):  Thomas Train Memory game (Libs beat me pretty bad), Frisbees outdoors. Enjoyed coloring with Libs and Elijah using crayons and colored pencils. Whenever I color, it always brings back fond childhood memories—I should color more often.

Liberty got to ride with Grandpa on the motorcycle from one end of the driveway to the garage door. She thought that was real special! All three kids got onboard our motorcycle for a picture. That’s when I got the brilliant idea of how to get them all back to Michigan!


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