Day #17


Steve and I rode the Lake Express from Milwaukee, Wisconsin over to Muskegon, Michigan.

Lake Express docking station

Steve waiting his turn to board the Lake Express

Lake Express - Muskegon, Michigan

Lake Express - Muskegon, Michigan

I knew we were in trouble when I saw white caps on Lake Michigan and the first thing the stewards did was hand out sea sickness bags!

Fortunately, neither Steve or I had the occasion to utilize the bags (however I was close).  Motorcycle in Lake Express holdAs we neared the ferry dock, we spotted a couple of tall ships docked also.  

Bob, Vicki, and Angie, greeted us upon arrival at our marina in Muskegon—our own private welcome committee. They handed us a cold drink before we even climbed off our motorcycle. LYH Marina Welcome CommitteeHow’s that for service? If that wasn’t enough to be thankful we were home again, they prepared steak and fresh corn on the grill for dinner that evening.  Sure is great to be home again!  

Muskegon Lake Lighhouse

Hello Muskegon, Michigan!


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