Lost…and Found

While on our motorcycle color tour this weekend, I received a interesting call from my son, Andrew. 

“Did you lose something in Baldwin, Michigan at the Blessing of the Bikes in 2007?”

“Yes, I did – my camera! How did you know?”

Apparently, Roger’s brother, Lee from Columbus, Ohio found a camera in Baldwin, Michigan at the Blessing of the Bikes . The year was 2007.

About every year my husband and I ride our motorcycle to Baldwin where thousands of bikers gather to receive a blessing for a safe and happy riding season. The event raises money with the proceeds going to St. Ann’s Senior Nutrition Program.  While there in 2007 (starting out with light snowfall), I got so caught up with looking at people and all the various makes, shapes and colors of bikes that my camera strap slid off my shoulder from my leather coat. We rode there with another couple and all four of us re-traced our steps asking at vendor’s booths if anyone had turned in a lost camera. No news from anyone. Sadly, we left after the blessing and I never expected to see that camera and case again.

Fast forward four years. Some good Samaritan turned in my camera at his “Tan Your Hide” vendor booth, but no one came to claim the camera. I checked various booths, but evidently the camera was turned in after I’d checked the booth. Lee felt terrible he could not locate the owner of the lost camera.

Just recently, Lee was able to access the photo gallery pictures and stumbled upon a photo of a Mother’s day card signed by Andrew, Bethany, and Liberty Lasher. He decided to do some investigating in Facebook to see if any Lasher names shown up. That’s when he found my son, Andrew and contacted him.

What a shock and exciting surprise to find out my lost camera and photo cards will be mailed back to me after all these years. Plus, the camera battery still works after all this time. I now have two good Samaritans to thank—one I just met over the phone today and the other still remains anonymous. From now on, I’ll make sure my camera case has my name and phone number inside.

Thank you and bless you both!


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