Let me hold your hand

It was said of Jesus—“He will not fail nor be discouraged…,” (Isaiah 42:4).

No one could say that about me—at least part of the time because I do fail and am discouraged. When I fail, it’s generally when I took off head strung on my own before consulting anyone. I become discouraged when the right words don’t magically appear on my paper or computer screen within my presumed exact timing. I become frustrated and agitated at myself and anyone near me. It’s best to keep your distance from me until the dilemma becomes resolved.

Good to know I know Someone who never fails or becomes discouraged—my heavenly Father. He’s the one who “called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand” (Isaiah 42:6).  God wants me to call on Him in times of trouble and perplexity. He wants to hold my hand, to guide each written or spoken word, and lead me beside still waters. God also leads through the turbulent seas.

He’s there for me if I ask. Do you sense His presence too? Can you call on His matchless name and put your hand in His?

Father, thank you for being my perfect role model: no hate, no fear of failure or discouragement. Help me look to You at the first sign of discouragement.



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