Special Traditions


What’s it like during the Holidays without our special people around? On one hand, I try to be excited about the holiday season outwardly, but inwardly I’m still remorseful and dejected thinking about empty places at our table.    It’s tough not to recall shared family times, the excitement, traditional family holiday foods and presents. And I shouldn’t have to forget. But sometimes it’s easier to repress and not have to deal with the pain and sorrow associated with the past joyous times never to be regained.

Both my Mom and Steve’s Dad thrived on people gatherings and holidays.  Mom made sure the tree was up, decorated and adorned with ALL the ornaments given by children and grandchildren. She and Dad would rise in the wee hours of the morning stuffing a gigantic turkey. There’d be a variety of pies baked and numerous side dishes. I can still picture her expanding the dining room table and setting it with her best china, glassware and cloth napkins the night before the event. Nothing was too good or fragile for her loved ones. When each of us stepped beyond the front door, we took center stage in her world and nothing else mattered.  I miss not seeing the faces of those loved ones taken by death.

What special traditions do you remember from the past?


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