Longing for the basics of life

My five-year old granddaughter, Liberty, called me the other day to report that she had just watched a TV show that came out when I was only five years old (just like her!)

“Did you watch that show, Nana? There’s a little boy named Opie who goes fishing with his Daddy.”  Just like her and her Daddy.

“Oh, I loved that program, Liberty. It was one of my favorites!”

“Nana, you were five years old too when you watched the program … but it only comes in black and white. There’s no color on the TV.” The show: The Andy Griffith Show.

Out of the mouths of babes! I love hearing wonder and excitement come from young children’s mouths and minds. So innocent and sweet. I want to record and remember her every insightful spontaneous saying and observation.

After doing some detective work, I discovered that the popular sitcom first televised in 1960 and ran for eight seasons. Apparently her Mother already had done the homework.

Do you ever long for the good ole days? Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about them.

  1. A time when doors were never locked.

 2.  All the neighbors knew your kids and if they were doing something they shouldn’t, they called them on it. 

 3.  Very little objectionable material on television or the radio. Media was informational, but not immoral.

  4.  Anyone could walk the neighborhood streets after dark without fear of harm. 

  5.  Recreation meant bicycle riding, skateboarding, downhill sliding on a sled, building a snow fort and throwing snowballs, or playing dolls and a game of Sorry.

I don’t want to repeat my childhood or my teen years, but there is a part of me that longs for simplicity and a return to the basics of life. How about you?


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