Happy Birthday to my Son

It’s hard to believe my “baby” boy is 33 years old today! It seems like just yesterday when he began to eat solid food, say his first words and took those first unsteady steps. I distinctly remember when he was riding in the front seat of our truck (there was no back seat) and he spied a truck just ahead of us and proclaimed,

“F – O – R – D; truck!”

He was so pleased with himself as he practiced letters he was learning, that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that wasn’t quite right!

My Mom was right when she encouraged me to enjoy those early years because sooner than you think, they’ll be grown and out of the house. Now he’s married and has three little ones of his own! My … how those years seemed to fly.

Son, we’ve been through good times and bad. Ups and downs. As in every family, not every day was a perfect day. But we managed to weather our experiences together as we grew and learned. Tears, pain, and lots of prayer goes into parenting, but I wouldn’t trade our children and grandchildren for any amount of money.

Some days it takes a conscious effort to love our children unconditionally regardless of their behavior — just like God loves you and me. God loves and forgives us when we don’t deserve loving or forgiving. But that’s what God does, isn’t it?

Your Dad and I are so proud of you — for what you stand for and for what you’ve become. A faithful husband and loving dad, and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ … a son whom we love and enjoy talking to and spending time with. Thank you, God, for protecting and strengthening Andrew in the faith. We are blessed beyond measure have MUCH to celebrate in 2012.


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