Endless possibilities … the art of writing

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.” – Mary Heaton Vorse              

I get it. I know it’s important to be present in order to produce. When my body is engaged in the act of sitting in front of the computer, chances are words will come forth. When my body is elsewhere doing other things other than writing words, my chances of being productive are decreased.

There’s the chance that I’m thinking about writing or about character or ideas. But I must stop daydreaming at some time in order to get those words down on paper or in the computer hard drive. That’s where the rubber meets the road — actually getting those words down so I can edit, manipulate, review, and publish. Others can then see and read the work.

The article may edify, affirm, entertain, or inform. Fiction illustrates places the reader may never roam. A poem uses the imagination of thoughts of love, hate, and friendship. The story may touch children, young adults, adults or a combination of the above.

Within the art of writing, the possibilities are endless. Now ‘tis time to apply my seat back in the seat of my chair and see where the words will transport me today.

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