Endless circle

“Will it hurt?” I ask
He casually remarks,
“Hopefully not;
I’ve done this before.”
“Well, this is my first time.”
“Your finger’s quite swollen and red.”
“Yes, it was injured.”

A special tool
Slices back and forth
Vise grips pull apart
The constricting band
Leaving a noticeable indent
Upon my skin
I try to be brave

Circle … broken now    
Tears flow
37 years ago
Pastor raised this wedding band
In front of God & witnesses
“See, this ring has no beginning/end
A continuous, endless circle”

At this moment,
there is a beginning & end
Have I failed my commitment?
I reason …
‘Tis only an object,
a mere piece of gold
With a touch of bling

37 years mingled with …

Even though the symbolic circle’s
Been visibly broken
The severing cannot eradicate
Blessings of children & grandchildren
Adventures together
Near-death experiences and
Faithfulness within marriage

The one who cut my ring
Cannot take my soul or
Erase memories
It’s not really about the ring
But about the person and
Commitment to my mate
And to marriage itself

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