Smaller tasks … less grumbling

baby tomato close up (Copy)

There it was. My very first baby tomato. I felt almost as if I’d birthed the vegetable myself. Of course, I didn’t. I just planted it and watered it. And God watered it for me too. I saw other yellow flowers which meant more tomatoes grew on the horizon.

baby tomato (Copy)





I was not always a garden girl. No, when we owned almost an acre of land, I rarely planted anything worthy of eating. The land seemed too vast for me, so I didn’t even tackle the ground. In fact, you could probably hear me grumbling about the magnitude of weeds and yard to maintain.

But now, with just a deck and a few deck planters, the task seemed manageable. I am even excited to be the caretaker (along with my husband) of a two tomato plants, one banana pepper, cilantro, mint, dill weed, sage, rosemary, and lettuce growing from seeds.

Maybe that’s the key to starting any formidable project. Breaking the tasks down into smaller, more manageable sections. Maybe then forward motion can be maintained and I won’t feel overwhelmed and defeated before I begin.

It won’t be long now when I’ll be able to walk out on the deck and pluck some fresh lettuce for an evening garden salad.  I can almost taste the freshness!

lettuce from seed (Copy)


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