Beauty and Majesty on Mackinac Island

I just returned from a dream-come-true mini vacation. Three days on Mackinac Island, located in the State of Michigan between the states’s upper and Lower Peninsula.

The island is a national historic landmark and a motor-free environment since 1898. Only walkers, bicycles, and horses are permitted. The experience is truly stepping back in time. To top it all off, the 3.8 square miles in land (eight miles in circumference), the island is totally surrounded by water accessible only by boat or airplane. In the winter, snowmobiles are allowed if Lake Huron is frozen. More than 80% of the island remains preserved as Mackinac Island State Park.     purple flowers on Mackinaw Island (Copy)

Whenever I visit the Island, it’s a brand-new experience for me. Riding the ferry over, I still marvel at the majestic landscape, hotels, and homes as we approach the dock. The distinct smell of horses hits my nose first. Followed by sweet smells of fudge, candy, and popcorn. Clothing and trinket shops abound.

It’s only natural for me to get caught up in the pursuit of finding just the right souvenir. Will it be a shirt, hat, jacket or other item? Would this fit my grandchild? Or, so & so would love this!

I see this/that and I either say out loud or to myself, Liberty, Elijah, and Ezekiel would have fun riding on a horse-drawn carriage. My daughter, sister, and nieces would love shopping in this jewelry or clothing shop. Look at those beautiful flowers — wouldn’t my Mom love to see those? And, she’d known exactly what they are called.  

But there’s always a problem. Actually two problems.

  1. I want to bring back some token of the trip for everyone I know! And it’s difficult to know where to draw the line.
  2. I also would like family members and my friends to be there with me. Is that crazy or what?

Whenever I see beauty or experience something unique or out-of-the-ordinary, this is where my mind goes. If only given enough time and money.

Am I odd to wish my loved ones were there with me? Does anyone else ever think like this?

Mackinaw Island Marina

Mackinaw Island Marina

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