Do you consider yourself an Encourager?

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today”—Hebrews 3:13.

We must not give up! Some days and hours are just tougher than others. We all have days when we feel good about ourselves, our family, and the world in general. But there are also those times when we feel the entire world is against us.   purple-white crinkle flower (Copy)

I get that. I’m with you and have the same types of ups and downs. My ups and downs may not be the same as yours, but nevertheless can be defeating. The writer of the book of Hebrews tells us to encourage each other. Daily. That’s a whole lot of encouraging. He knew that as humans we are likely to forget yesterday’s triumphs. For me, a good feeling is easily replaced by a not-so-good feeling. If one person make a comment about my work that I consider negative, my mind lingers on that thought a lot longer than a praise note.

That’s why we need a lot of cheerleaders in our life to counteract the naysayers…those who think before they speak. I understand the need for people to critique. I’ve been amazed at the great counsel that comes from writer’s groups and friends who work with the English language on a daily basis. Great value comes from another set of eyes to look through my work.

The problem comes from when one or two negative comments cause me to quit writing or creating all together. Through the years I’ve learned there is something to be learned from every commentary I receive. Asking God what portion of this information I need to take to heart and what part do I need to discard and forget. God is my ultimate source of critique. His wisdom trumps all others.

Prayer of encouragement: Dear God, may I be the one to communicate hope and light to someone in need. I know that when I share with others the blessings go both ways. Amen.

How about you? Do you have a resource to filter your writing or creativity mode through? Maybe it’s a writer’s group or group of friends whom you trust their intuition. If not, why not make that a priority this week to find at least one other unbiased person to share your talents?

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