The Transformation Project

This year, our local Word Weavers writers group embarked upon a mission of compiling an anthology book. The theme would be “Transformation.” For some odd reason, the idea didn’t excite me—at least not at first.    image001 (Copy) (2)

Most of the submissions were already turned in, critiqued, and accepted before I decided it would be a good idea to get with the program and come up with something for the book. I searched my archives and found the perfect journal article. My son.

My son was transformed later in his teens—(you’ll just have to read my story to find out about the before and after details). Little did I know that during that whole upsetting ordeal that God was transforming my heart. Transforming it from independence on self and dependence on the only wise God. I didn’t even realize this story had evolved into a double transformation. One in my dear son’s heart and one close to home: me.

Maybe you’ve experienced deep grief in your soul in the past. Or, maybe you’re experiencing it right now. I invite you to take a look at the stories enclosed within the covers of our new release, The Transformation Project. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle format.

P.S. the title of my story is: I Hope He’ll Come Home.

Dare to tell about a time of #transformation in your life. #WordWeavers W MI authors did.

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