My husband and I did some after-Christmas shopping. While browsing the shelves for bargains, we purchased hand towel with the words: DREAM written across the bottom edge. Above the lettering appeared a spray of green leaves and red berries with a gold thread running throughout.     DREAM (Copy)

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to a possible meaning behind the word on the towel until several days later after the excitement of the holidays passed. This morning I picked up the towel and realized just how inspiring this towel could be for my writing in 2014.

I recently read a piece from Jeff Groins, How to Get Ahead During the Holiday Season (or anytime of year). He includes several tips about how to get ahead and stay motivated.

“Successful people aren’t successful because they’re like everyone else. They are successful because they’re weird. Because they do what others are afraid or unwilling to do.”

I began to ask myself questions while thinking about Jeff’s article. Am I that type of person? Am I willing to do what no one else will? Willing to be classified as weird?

If I am willing, I must learn focus, stamina, and balance. Only the smart ones will finish. Will I finish that book I’ve started? Query an editor about an article burning deep within? Jeff goes on to say, “I must put pain from my mind. And on the last day … you alone will be friendly with the dark.”

My desire is to “break out of the constant feeling of being left behind. Work harder; show up more often; and eventually, you will prevail. It’s not easy. It will require sacrifice. But it will also lead to victory.”

So Dream Big—I plan to dream so big others will look sideways at me concerned. Concerned that I possibly might have bit off more than I can chew. That is just fine. Because when I bite off more than I can humanly handle, that’s when God’s miraculous powers come into play. And into view for all to see, marvel, and glorify His holy name!

What are you willing to do to break out of the norm? Will it be staying up an extra hour to put the finishing touches on a manuscript? Or, maybe sequestering yourself away from the TV room and spending an extra 45 minutes in front of a computer, or reading and doing research for your project.

What goals or new patterns do you want to put into practice in 2014? Here are a few suggestions to get your thinking cap spinning:

  • Get up early to write
  • Less TV; less Candy Crush, Lucky Slots, etc.; more real writing
  • Exercise consistently (not just when the clothes don’t fit like they used to fit)
  • Read the Bible through in a year

Dear God, as I look at my new, unspoiled 2014 calendar, my desire is for a new me too. You’ve taught me much in 2013. I have grown, but there’s so much more internal growing to be done. This new me—I want to look more like You and less like the old me. Thank you for what You are about to accomplish in my life, my goals, and talents. The goals and talents You so graciously gifted me before the beginning of time. Amen.


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