God is with me & God is for me

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Regardless of how I feel today or yesterday, God is on the sidelines cheering me along. Even though I might not sense it. Even though I don’t see Him or His work. He is there! God’s word declares it, so I believe it!

My body may be weak and my mind not so quick, but God knows my every ache. He knows my every thought and feeling. He longs to comfort and tell me that it will be all right. This too shall pass.

I must slow down my pace to equal His perfect timing. His timing may not be mine. Prayerfully and slowly I must give space to God’s leading in my day and in my life. His ways are just. His ways are perfect. My ways are often the exact opposite.

Even though the day is very cold and dreary, God watches over all. There is no bright light in the sky to uplift my spirits. Yet, He knows my heart yearns for sand and sun. I do know that He can be my all sufficiency if I allow Him free reign and control.

Dear God, I confess I am not fully satisfied. Circumstances and certain people in my life cause me to be confused and sometimes unhappy. Help me to be content in my circumstances and in the people you have put into my life. Only You can show me joy in this journey. With You leading the way, I know my journey is not in vain. With You, nothing is wasted. You use every situation as an opportunity to praise Your Name and give You the glory. I long to be that person who will do just that for You. You’ve done so much for me. Thank you. Amen.  

  • Do you long for something different? To be somewhere else? Where/what might that look like?
  • Feeling like there should be much more to life than what you see and feel right now? What exactly has you troubled and stuck in neutral?
  • Will you stay close to God and be open to His love and leading? How will you do this?

“What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?”—Romans 8:31.

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