Mind Renewal

“A renewed mind is Presence-focused. Train your mind to seek Me in every moment, every situation!” (Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young)

From the moment I open my eyes this morning; You granted me another day on earth. I hear the furnace pop on and my room becomes toasty warm. You are present.

I see Your written words when I turn on a switch. Light illumines the page. Words of comfort and affirmation waken my soul. I don’t see You, but my being knows You are orchestrating my day.

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always,”—Psalm 105:4.

It’s not always easy to seek God’s face. It’s not necessarily a natural response, but a learned one. Every time I seek after God and His wisdom and ways, I am rewarded. Blessings come. Some I recognize; others I breeze past.

How about you … how do you seek God’s face?


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