We’re Alive!

Ever experience a day or maybe even week that you really hadn’t planned on? You might be in a phase of life right now you never expected to be in thinking … This or that only happens to other people, but not me. Right? Wrong.

I’m in the middle of that phase right now. I’m on a “new” boat in a marina I’ve never visited before, and cruising in uncharted waters. We’re among total strangers. Yet, in the midst of all this newness, God shows up in many ways.

Let me take you back about 16 days. My husband and I recently purchased a new boat … new to us anyway. Actually, the boat’s about 34 years old. But she’s ours, and we’ll eventually become more used to her and the way she operates. Yesterday, while attempting to locate an anchoring spot for the evening, we ran aground. Big time stuck. Placing our first call ever to the Coast Guard put us in touch with a towing service. The tow service arrived in record time. They were efficient in what they did and put us at ease. The guys even asked how we were doing and how we were handling the disaster.

Our response was that we are so thankful that no one was injured, no fire transpired from the engine room smoke, and the boat didn’t sink. The tow boat dislodged us from our stuck position and towed us safely to a marina complete with haul-out and mechanics. Is this an inconvenience? Yes. Will it be costly? I am sure it will be. Was God there in the middle of this? Yes, He was. He never slumbers or sleeps. Was this our plan for the week? Of course, not, but apparently God had another itinerary in mind.

The situation could have been far worse. For some reason God wanted us to be there in a strange marina. He didn’t want us venturing forward toward home. Will I ever know why? Maybe. Maybe not. At this point, my responsibility is to trust Him fully. He has our best interests in mind even though it might not be comfortable. A young couple took us with them to a grocery and boat store for supplies. Many others from the marina asked if they could give us a ride to wherever we wanted to go. Kindness of strangers seems to abound. We are blessed.

  • Are you in a tough spot right now? Someplace you didn’t intend or choose to be?
  • Can you look past your circumstance and see the positives?

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts,” Isaiah 56:8–9.

Dear God, thank You for working behind the scenes in my life. Even though I hadn’t planned on certain situations coming into my life, You knew ahead of time exactly what we’d experience. I can look back and say what a mighty God you are! Amen. 


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