Roof Robins

On my morning walk, I noticed several robins atop one of the roofs in our neighborhood. They chattered happily sounding glad to be alive. The spotting of robins reminded me of when we all eagerly waited for the first sign of a robin after a long and snowy winter. Most of us were more than ready for spring to arrive. Now that the first day of summer is here, we forget about when we longed for signs of warmer weather. I wonder how many other sightings were missed while looking forward to spring.     Robin

Traditions and rituals are commonplace in most families. We are creatures of habit. A major holiday is coming up. For quite a few years now, we’ve invited family and friends over for a cookout, boat ride, and watching fireworks over the lake. Except for this year. Our boat remains in the shop for repair. We all ask, what will we do? We ALWAYS get together, and now we can’t?

I’ll be the first to admit that I take comfort in the usual way of doing things. It’s much easier to plan ahead when the routine is predictable. This time we’ll step out of the normal, comfort zone and try something different. Being flexible is a good thing. Steve and I (Grandpa & Nana) plan to travel to Madison for a Goldwing event then on to Minnesota to visit the kids and grandkids. They are excited to see us and, of course, we’re just as excited to see them too!

My goal is not to linger on what normally happens during this time of year, but focus on the current season of new memories. I am ready for whatever comes our way. Bring it on!

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”Pearl S. Buck


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