Happy St. Paddy’s Birthday to my Daughter!

Who knew that over 30 years ago my husband and I would be blessed with such joy? Joy came in the form of the birth of our first (and only) daughter, Amanda Sue. Until the birth of a child infuses your life, words fail to convey the awesomeness of such an event.   Amanda Birthday Collage 2

Children do not come with an instruction manual. There are no warning labels attached to those tiny, perfectly formed fingers and toes. When their first breath or cry comes forth, your breath and heart pauses. What does come is an overflowing joy, awe, and fear of messing up this parenting role.

As a second-time mom (the first, our son, appeared on the scene just 13 months earlier), I knew the basics. I understood the initial pain in childbirth, the post-partum depression, sleepless nights, endless feedings and change of diapers. Yet all those potentially negative aspects paled in comparison with the ultimate joy of bringing forth a living, breathing, precious human being.

All that to say, Steve and I are eternally grateful to the Giver of Life and Light. He blessed us then and continues to bless us as we watch our grown up daughter. Amanda, your sparkling, beautiful eyes, boundless joy and energy continue to ignite all those around you. God blessed you with intelligence, ingenuity, love and concern for people and animals. I cannot imagine life without you and the special spot you hold within my heart. Love you to the moon and back again, hugs and love from Mom and Dad.  Happy Birthday!!!  


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