Master Sculptor

A little boy watched a sculptor begin chiseling a large block of marble. The sculptor worked meticulously until the slab looked like the face of Abraham Lincoln. “How did you do that?” the little boy asked. The sculptor said with a smile, “All I have to do is chip away everything that doesn’t look like Lincoln.”

Writing is a bit like sculpting. I chisel a little bit here; chip away some more over there. The hope being that the written message originally intended is left behind.

As I nurture my “sculpture,” one of the key ingredients being is how to seek and achieve balance in a too-crazy-busy life. So many people and things cry out for our attention these days. Where do you turn? And when do you cry out for help? You’ve probably heard, “Love your neighbor as yourself” before. But have you considered first loving yourself properly in order to love others in your life? My hope is that through my perspective of a brain surgery survivor you, too, will regain control of your mind, body, and soul. One clue is to practice the art of being still.

For now, back to my edits to make my sculpture (i.e. book) excellent and appealing to you the reader! More tips to follow.


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