Birthing a “baby”

I’ve heard it said that writing and releasing a book is somewhat akin to birthing a baby. Now that I’m on the other side of that equation, I agree.   Book Cover Template Life is Good v2

Life is: Good, Fragile, Precious just released to the public this week, and I find myself with mixed emotions. Mostly joy and elation, but there’s also that tinge of fear and anxiety. What if my readers do not like it? What if they don’t understand what lies between the pages? Worse yet, what if no one reads the words?

No, I cannot allow the enemy’s words to ring louder than my Father’s gentle nudging. I remind myself that I was ready to give up on this project years ago, but then … He came through. Again.

I set out a type of fleece with one last effort to attract a publisher’s attention. It was at a writer’s conference in Muskegon I’d attended for years. This year they sponsored a contest. I’m a sucker for contests and freebies. Okay, God, I will do the work, but if nothing comes from this last effort, I’m finished!  I decided, what did I have to lose? I put together a painstakedly created book proposal along with the first three chapters of Life is: Good, Fragile, Precious (only that wasn’t the title I used then). You can imagine my ecstatic joy and surprise when my name was announced as a winner at the tail end of the conference.

I cannot give up now. Too much prayer, toil, and time has gone into the making of this piece of hope. My grace story from the viewpoint of a brain surgery survivor needs to be told. I hope you chose to read my story of seeking balance in this crazy-mixed up world. Thank you, God, and my loyal supporters for not giving up on me.

p.s. my book can be found on My first book signing will be on Saturday, June 4 at Rockford City Hall parking lot, 10- 1:00 p.m. Love to see you there in person!


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