There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home                                                                                                                  

Spring sprung while we were away.                       Red Dogwood at Home
Jonquils pop tiny yellow & white heads.
Trillium burst forth in uniform whites.
Purplish buds appear from Red Bud tree.
Pink-red colored Dogwood blossoms
Surge out alive and well.

To think I would have missed
This grand display
Had I not traveled this way!
Iris whites shoot forth.
Leafy rose leaves waking up.
Assorted green tree buds say hello.
Grass blades stand tall & proud.

I’m so thankful for this chance     Trillum at Home
To re-acquaint myself with
My blessings I oft
Forget amidst day-to-day routine.

All shout Happy Spring
Glad you are here now!

Daffodils at Home

Iris at home

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