It’s that time again!

Time for Five Minute Friday! Five Minute Friday is where you free write for five minutes on the selected prompt! This week’s prompt is Crowd! Ready. Go!

Five-Minute Friday – CROWD                                       

I don’t much like a crowd. Even if the crowd is composed of people I know. But especially I don’t care for large crowds of people I know very few of them. Claustrophobia sets in uninvited. The walls shrink. I begin to perspire and become thirsty. Then there’s always diseases to think about. Right now, cold and flu season is upon us which is early this year. It’s only September; what’s up with that? Nothing worse than being miserably cooped up in a room with a drippy nose or needing to stay close to the throne for fear of an accident.

Maybe this goes hand in hand with not appreciating a crowd, but I don’t go for small talk either. I much prefer sitting down and chatting one on one with someone. This makes me feel special and them too. There’s only so many minutes in a day, week, month, my life that I feel I’m wasting those minutes by small talking in a crowded room. Often, I cannot even catch every word they say due to the noise.

Jesus had to endure the crowds. Throngs of people invaded His space continually. I do remember that on several occasions, He stepped away. Sometimes hid away to spend precious one on one time with His Heavenly Father. If He needed this alone time; how much more do I need time away from crowds and constant contact with others? Lord, give me the courage and wisdom to pull away on occasion before I unravel. Thank you.


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