November, 2022 Newsletter

Grateful & Thankful ! 🙂

Darlene Larson & Teresa Lasher with her new book!

I’m so grateful this season for many things. As you can see from our smiling faces, I’m privileged to know a famous author and life coach, Darlene Larson. Her name, along with others, is listed on the acknowledgement page in the front of my new book, The Child becomes The Parent: Coping with Grief.

Listen to what Darlene has to say:

“About two years ago, I had the honor and joy of coaching Teresa Lasher (thank you, Teresa). A slice of her and her father’s story was talked about. It grabbed my heart. Then COVID steam rolled in and more of her story with her father unfolded. She published her book this fall and it covers MUCH in a loaded 50 page book about her father and her journey.”

We continue as friends and write together in community. What are you thankful for today?

Who would choose to walk a path of loss and grief? This path became Teresa Lasher’s story as caregiver to her elderly father. She wrestled with helplessness and exhaustion. Fighting for his physical, emotional, mental well-being and safety, he continued to slip further away during the Covid pandemic mandated isolation.

Desperately needing wisdom and preparation for existing and unforeseen battles, Teresa had to learn coping strategies. Granting herself permission to take time off, she often escaped outdoors to write and muse. She chose to exercise forgiveness where needed. When dealing with fear, doubt, and grief, God sent people who showed kindness at just the right time. In Teresa’s story of incredible hope and insight, she learns there are unexpected blessings in the midst of her grief journey.

If you’d like a copy for yourself, as a gift, or to be used in a group setting, local copies can be obtained through Kregel Parable Bookstore or online.

What folks are saying about the new book:

  • This is a very well written book, straight from the heart. It’s very easy to read and very relatable, having also gone through the slow loss of a parent as they struggled with dementia…”
  • This book was well written and easy to read. Teresa shared a very personal, difficult journey. It was a great encouragement to me, and showed God’s faithfulness each step of the way. Highly recommend!

Also available is my 90-day count your blessings & live life in the present devotional book, Life is: Good, Fragile, and Precious—Loving yourself so you can love others. What others are saying:

  • “A story of bravery in the midst of uncertainty…an inspiring and truth told book for those that are walking through a fearful and pain filled health diagnosis.”
  • “Teresa Lasher’s book has been written not only to tell her story of surviving a brain tumor but to give each of us hope and encouragement as we find our way through each day. It inspires us to live our lives to the fullest by learning to love ourselves so we in turn can love others.”
  • “This is a carefully crafted book that step by step helps readers look in the mirror and assess their own life journeys – especially when those tumultuous moments arise.”
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