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I enjoy writing creative non-fiction works about boat or motorcycle travels.  Walking outdoors in nature’s beauty is my favorite get-away — especially near any body of water.

I am a freelance writer and speaker living in mid-west Michigan with my high-school sweetheart husband. We’ve been blessed with two grown children and four precious grandchildren.  Blogging, social networking, and life lessons are topics I love to talk about to various groups.


My blog, Living in the Present, began just before hospitalization for removal of a brain tumor. My reflections continued in the form of lessons learned as a brain surgery survivor.

My book, 31 Days is a collaborative effort w/my husband is now available. He captured the awesome photos & I supplied inspirational text to go along with the day’s photo.


I’m so excited to offer you a NOW available in softcover or Kindle copy on Amazon:  Life is Good, Fragile, and Precious–Loving yourself so you can love others. 

Are you over-booked and over-whelmed with life in general? Maybe you feel drained as you care for family, personal health issues and concerns for aging parents, while juggling an outside job.

A frantic lifestyle leaves little time for proper self-care of mind, body, and soul.  My hope is that this blog encourages you to live life in the present moment. Find joy in today — even if you have to dig really deep. Allow yourself time to recharge and rejuvenate daily.  My new book will show you how you can live in the present successfully and learn to love yourself so you can love others.


Sampling of published works:

*New Book Now Available on Amazon softcover or Kindle version: Life is Good, Fragile, and Precious–Loving yourself so you can love others 

Five-Minute Fridays – http://teresalasher.com/2018/08/22/loved/

*  Internet Café Devotions – “The Cheerful Heart”
*  Rider magazine article entitled, “U.P. from the Back Seat”
* Sailing, the Beauty of Sail
*  Women’s Lifestyle
*  Thunder Roads of Michigan
*  West Michigan Christian Newspaper – “Deliver Me From Evil”
*  War Cry (Salvation Army magazine)
* Contributor to various newsletters and blogs

Facilitator and active member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild/Word Weavers, and member of American Christian Writers (ACW).

This blog was created by Andrew Lasher at: http://www.stonebreakersdesign.com/

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