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Two Sleeps Before Christmas

I’m flooded with thankfulness from family, friends, and neighbors who volunteered their time and energy sacrificing to go out in this blizzard. Volunteer of whatever we needed whether food or supplies. Specialty potato puff appetizers arrived from my brother and … Continue reading

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And be thankful …

“Forever is composed of nows,” Emily Dickinson. My forever (and yours too) is composed of the nows. Exactly what I’m writing about in my new devotional/meditation book. Living in the present. Enjoying the moment right here and now. Even if … Continue reading

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Happy 36th Anniversary!

Hard to believe…today Steve and I celebrate our 36th wedding Anniversary. I thank God for Steve’s love, faithfulness, and long-standing commitment to me and to our family. Love you babe!  Always smooth sailing? Hardly. We’ve had our share of turbulent … Continue reading

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  “Pretending to be a normal person day after day is exhausting!” – Suzy Toronto Isn’t that the truth?!! .

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health update

God is so good – I spoke w/the Gastroenterology doctor’s nurse on the phone yesterday for an update on my medical status.  I told her I felt I was getting stronger every day – she was pleased to hear of … Continue reading

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evidences of love…

              The tell-tale signs of my hospital stay are still visible. Bruised purplish-brown marks on top of my left hand where the IV port remained lodged as life-giving fluids worked their way into my system.  There’s a greenish-purple bruise … Continue reading

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Soar on wings like eagles

Feeling tired? Generally worn out? I am. I believe sickness tends to make a person feel less than significant, useless, and desiring to be anywhere but in their current skin. I’ve been fighting this cough and cold for weeks now. … Continue reading

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feeling good?

‘Feeling good is not the ultimate objective; living in a healthy relationship with God is.’ – (Quote by Barbara and David Sorensen) How many times would I rather feel good instantly? Sometimes I dream of being a #10 according to … Continue reading

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Solitude Tea Time

            I chose this herbal tea bag for a purpose. Just listen to the description on the tea bag:  “Enjoy the delicious flavors of luscious peaches, tangy hibiscus, and delicate rosehips.”  Don’t those words speak … Continue reading

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Reflections on Edward Kennedy’s death

Edward Kennedy died from a prolonged brain tumor diagnosed just 15 months ago. I’m looking at this scenario from a different perspective than most. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last November. No one knows how long it grew … Continue reading

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