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And be thankful …

“Forever is composed of nows,” Emily Dickinson. My forever (and yours too) is composed of the nows. Exactly what I’m writing about in my new devotional/meditation book. Living in the present. Enjoying the moment right here and now. Even if … Continue reading

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Happy 36th Anniversary!

Hard to believe…today Steve and I celebrate our 36th wedding Anniversary. I thank God for Steve’s love, faithfulness, and long-standing commitment to me and to our family. Love you babe!  Always smooth sailing? Hardly. We’ve had our share of turbulent … Continue reading

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  “Pretending to be a normal person day after day is exhausting!” – Suzy Toronto Isn’t that the truth?!! .

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health update

God is so good – I spoke w/the Gastroenterology doctor’s nurse on the phone yesterday for an update on my medical status.  I told her I felt I was getting stronger every day – she was pleased to hear of … Continue reading

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evidences of love…

              The tell-tale signs of my hospital stay are still visible. Bruised purplish-brown marks on top of my left hand where the IV port remained lodged as life-giving fluids worked their way into my system.  There’s a greenish-purple bruise … Continue reading

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Soar on wings like eagles

Feeling tired? Generally worn out? I am. I believe sickness tends to make a person feel less than significant, useless, and desiring to be anywhere but in their current skin. I’ve been fighting this cough and cold for weeks now. … Continue reading

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feeling good?

‘Feeling good is not the ultimate objective; living in a healthy relationship with God is.’ – (Quote by Barbara and David Sorensen) How many times would I rather feel good instantly? Sometimes I dream of being a #10 according to … Continue reading

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Solitude Tea Time

            I chose this herbal tea bag for a purpose. Just listen to the description on the tea bag:  “Enjoy the delicious flavors of luscious peaches, tangy hibiscus, and delicate rosehips.”  Don’t those words speak … Continue reading

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Reflections on Edward Kennedy’s death

Edward Kennedy died from a prolonged brain tumor diagnosed just 15 months ago. I’m looking at this scenario from a different perspective than most. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last November. No one knows how long it grew … Continue reading

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