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Watching tomatoes grow

The growing process takes time. It takes energy and patience for a seedling to grow into lettuce leaves to eat or be able to bite into a tomato. Question is: am I willing to wait for germination? Willing to invest … Continue reading

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God-blessings continued

69)  Above 70 degree weather. Yay! 70) Plucking fresh, succulent lettuce leaves from my deck garden 71)  Sit with a friend who listens with her heart and speaks few words ***

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New life

The lettuce has sprung–with just a bit of care, look what came forth!  And to think these succulent sprouts started out as tiny seeds a few weeks ago. Steve and I tasted our first salad of the season made with … Continue reading

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No weeds…yet

As I look at the tiny shoots from upcoming lettuce and spinach seeds, I rejoice. The light green tips appear tiny and innocent, soft and succulent. No weeds around them—only pure, virgin soil. Yet, it won’t be long and insistent … Continue reading

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Tending to the gardens in my life

Tending to the garden.  It takes time and energy.  A few years ago I didn’t even plant a garden.  My excuse was that I live in a condo and there’s no room. But that’s all it was: an excuse.  Since … Continue reading

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