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How’s the Weather?

My friend posted a comment on Facebook, “What a beautiful day! Praise God from whom all blessings flow … God’s beauty is apparent in all weather conditions.” While some may complain about the cold and ice, she chooses to be … Continue reading

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Beauty and Majesty on Mackinac Island

I just returned from a dream-come-true mini vacation. Three days on Mackinac Island, located in the State of Michigan between the states’s upper and Lower Peninsula. The island is a national historic landmark and a motor-free environment since 1898. Only … Continue reading

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The God of All Creation

“You blanketed earth with ocean, covered the mountains with deep waters; then you roared and the water ran away — your thunder crash put it to flight …  you set boundaries between earth and sea; never again will earth be … Continue reading

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1st day: Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference

Again, this year I’m privileged to attend the 34th Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference.  Today, I met the first speaker of the day, Debbie Taylor Williams/Hill Country Ministries from Texas.  She shared with us that the greatest gift to give my … Continue reading

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Day #17

                                                                                                                                    Steve and I rode the Lake Express from Milwaukee, Wisconsin over to Muskegon, Michigan. I knew we were in trouble when I saw white caps on Lake Michigan and the first thing the stewards did was hand out sea … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day!

Road trip day – soon to begin.  Anticipation high and somewhat difficult to sleep. After tossing some in the early morning hours – decided it was time to rise and shine (even though the sun had not.)  My mind/brain kept … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Long down coat–check; 2 layers under that–check; tall warm boots–check; scarf–check; Hood–check; Large goggle-like glasses–check (not for sun, but to reduce wind chill on face); Deer skin mittens–check.  Yup, guess I’m now ready to walk outdoors to clear my head … Continue reading

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Fall – 2010 – Lower Michigan

  Leaves fall…Pine needles drop…Just like loosing a friend…Summer’s drawing to a close…Winter’s just around the bend! .

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Picture of calm

  Picturesque.  Calm and serene.  Untouched.  Set apart from human spoiling. It’s amazing to me that the setting remains virtually the same whenever I return whether in 5, 10, or 20 years.  Steadfast.  Faithful.  Vigilant winds toss young saplings and mature, … Continue reading

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Jet Lag?

Is it possible to experience jet lag traveling from Michigan to Minnesota (duration 5 days) via an automobile? Boy, I sure feel it today! Regardless of the “where did March go while I was away?” feeling, Steve and I had … Continue reading

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