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Master Sculptor

A little boy watched a sculptor begin chiseling a large block of marble. The sculptor worked meticulously until the slab looked like the face of Abraham Lincoln. “How did you do that?” the little boy asked. The sculptor said with … Continue reading

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Small, Small World

  She pauses with her white dog I walk past Attempting to clear cobwebs Re-fresh and Re-generate my brain I pause; then stop Together we chat Discovering we shared the same workplace Years ago Past memories surface Re-live old times … Continue reading

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Tending to the gardens in my life

Tending to the garden.  It takes time and energy.  A few years ago I didn’t even plant a garden.  My excuse was that I live in a condo and there’s no room. But that’s all it was: an excuse.  Since … Continue reading

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Good Neighbor

  Sometimes being a good neighbor may mean…answering a distress call and towing their boat into the dock. .

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