Storms in the night


Storms in the night, lightning, thunder rolling; yet my curiosity called me to the deck.  I stood at the doorway entranced by the wonder of the light show. Even though my clock registered only 4:30 am, I was attracted to the spectacular sights and sounds. I didn’t want to miss any scene, but I did venture away long enough to grab my camera.  Due to the lack of light, the pictures came out dark with only droplets of water on the frames.

But this morning I knew there had been a show in the night evidenced by the 4-5 inches of rain water collected in my tomato pot and the flash flood advisory shown on the television. No one could tell me the downpour, thunder and lightning show was merely a dream—a figment of my imagination.

Isn’t that the way God works sometimes? …in mysterious ways. We don’t always see Him, yet He’s there—sometimes in big ways such as a job opportunity or house find; other times, in providing a parking space, or in a phone call from your grandchild saying, “Hi Nana. I just wanted to talk to you and say hi!”

That’s the God I want on standby for me!


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