Step away from “real” life

I’m gearing up for next week’s (Mon-Fri) Maranatha Writers’ Conference in Muskegon!  Excited to see and hear Jerry Jenkins (for the first time) among many other notable authors and publishers.  And, of course, there will be plenty of regular people just like me hoping to grasp nuggets of wisdom and put them into practice when we return home to “real” life again. 

I’ve had the opportunity to attend this writers’ conference for several years now.  At first, I attended only a day or two.  Each year I seemed to add yet another information-blast day to my schedule.  One year I signed up for the entire week, but commuted back and forth from Grand Rapids to Muskegon.  Another year I gave my boss my cell phone number in case he needed me.  Of course, he needed me, and we conversed more than one time. 

Something somehow becomes lost in the transaction—the creative juices cease to flow evenly.  My focus disappears when I turn from honing the craft of writing to home & work related issues.  This may sound silly, but even conversing with someone on the “outside” of the writing realm jerks my mind and body back to reality.  Here’s a sample of the tape now running in my head:

  • Are you crazy, you’re not a Writer!  Just who do you think you are anyway?  Better not quit your day job, lady.
  • You’ve got nothing to say anyone else would want to read! 

Instantly, I loose that inspiration and do not feel particularly anointed from on high anymore.  The sense of “I can do this!” somehow oozes out through the pores in my skin.  It takes another session of listening to encouraging words and tidbits of advice from those who’ve gone before to position me back on track once again.  Then I slowly begin to hear dialog such as:

  • If God calls me, he will equip me for the task.
  • Yes, I am a “W-R-I-T-E-R!! (my favorite one) 
  • With God, nothing is impossible.

My prayer: focus, stamina, and the right connections to authors, publishers, and the like.  Goal:  to tune into God’s vision and goal for my passion of writing.  I suspect his will for me includes excellence with increased intensity and refinement in my writing.  Years ago one of God’s servants, named Pearl B., shared with me the secret of eternal life.  I dare not withhold that secret any longer.  Love to have you join me in this prayer as I spend time away from home and “real” life as I know it.

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