Trivia Prize Winner!

Terry wins the monthly Trivia Prize!

The B.I.C. prize (butt in the chair)

Do writers have fun?  YES, we do!  At our last meeting, we sponsored a trivia question–do you know who the Inklings were?  Terry D. not only knew who some of the members were, where they met, but also a few published accomplishments that originated from said group. He retains the prize until we meet again as a large group and another winner is announced.  CONGRATS, Terry!

In case you’re wondering…the Prize consists of:

  • CDs from a Philadelphia writers’ conference
  • B.I.C. award – which stands for “Butt-n-Chair” – a writer must place his butt in the chair in order to create writing material

Answer to the trivia question:

“The Inklings was an informal literary discussion group associated with the University of Oxford, England, for nearly two decades between the early 1930s and late 1949.  The Inklings were literary enthusiasts who praised the value of narrative in fiction, and encouraged the writing of fantasy. Although Christian values were notably present in several members’ work, there were also irreligious members of the discussion group. 

Readings and discussions of the members’ unfinished works were the principal purposes of meetings. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet, and Williams’s All Hallows’ Eve were among the novels first read to the Inklings.” (Wikipedia)  Meetings were not all serious—the Inklings amused themselves by having competitions to see who could read famously bad prose for the longest without laughing.

Regular members included JRR “Tollers” Tolkien and CS “Jack” Lewis. Interesting…their meeting place was a local pub. Some of what became important texts of the 20th century were first read amongst friends at Inklings meeting.

And I have no doubt that many accomplished works will originate from our group as well!


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