No weeds…yet

As I look at the tiny shoots from upcoming lettuce and spinach seeds, I rejoice. The light green tips appear tiny and innocent, soft and succulent. No weeds around them—only pure, virgin soil. Yet, it won’t be long and insistent weeds will pop up disguising themselves as good. 

How often does this happen in my own life? What seems harmless at first, a word here, a gesture there, and before I know it I’m in deeper than I’d ever thought possible. I never meant to hurt anyone with a harsh or suggestive word, yet it happened. Once an action is committed, I’m not able to take it back.

Prayer: Help me to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. I need to listen more and speak less. God, remind me to take time to pause and think through the ramifications of my actions.

Ask:  Are there some words spoken you wish you hadn’t said or even thought? Maybe you participated in an action you weren’t proud of. Can you ask forgiveness and start fresh again today?


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