Wanting just a little bit more – (Part I)

   Do you ever struggle with wanting something you know isn’t good for you? Maybe it’s an addiction, or wanting a bigger this or that, or a longing for a certain someone to notice you. I don’t mean just desiring this object or person, but craving it to the point of not being able to enjoy or appreciate present blessings. I know that feeling. No matter how much I try to talk myself into the fact that others don’t have it any better than I do (in fact, I might have it better but I’m just not noticing), it doesn’t work. I still end up obsessing to the point of making my life miserable at times. Why do I do this? Deep down, I know it is not healthy or even remotely productive.  It’s part of our fallen nature to want what we don’t have and try to question God’s ways.  

Look at Eve and Adam. The serpent in the Garden, masqueraded as Satan, placed a delectable fruit within focus of Eve. The fruit (maybe it was an apple) looked appealing and smelled appetizing. What harm could come from taking a mere juicy bite? After all, they reasoned God would want them to be happy. And this looked like a happy way to go in their eyes. Adam and Eve figured it would taste yummy too, so they succumbed, ate the fruit, while believing they knew better than God. Wrong!

What are some of your struggles?


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