Taco Soup

What prompted this Taco Soup recipe?

1)      My sister, Karen, said it was simple & yummy. My kind of recipe!
2)      Overcast, rainy day
3)      Desire for a Mexican-type dish without the hassle of regular taco fixings.

Taco Soup

* 1 can white corn (undrained)
* 1 can kidney beans – dark or light (undrained or partially drained)
* 1 can black beans (undrained)
* 1 great Northern beans (undrained)
* 1 can of tomatoes or green chilies

* 1 package (dry) Hidden Valley Ranch
* 1 package taco seasoning
* Chicken or ground beef added, if desired

Cook in crock pot for an hour, or cook over stove. Can add sour cream, shredded cheese of your flavor on top. Garnish with Fritos or chips of your choice.   ENJOY!

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