Vicks VapoRub = comfort & healing

Just opening the blue jar of Vicks VapoRub® brings back fond memories of my Mom. Whenever I was sick, she would gently rub the ointment on my throat and chest and carefully cover the area with a towel. Then I’d top the cloth with a tee shirt or pajamas – something to keep the healing vapors in place.

As I rub the balm in today as an adult, I consider this downtime a waste of time. I should be going somewhere/doing something. Yet, due to a nasty cold, I’m resigned to coughing, blowing my nose and taking medications. I feel unproductive and count these days as lost. But are they really? I’ve been able to enjoy time at home watching movies with my husband who is also sick.

Days spent horizontal can be rejuvenating. There’s nowhere to look but up! And maybe that’s why I’m down. I’ve been in such a panic to make the holidays special that I’ve failed at the most important item: always remembering the Christ that makes Christmas possible.

The season should be all about Him (not decorated cookies, presents, or visitors). Since the noise has diminished, hecticness subsided, quiet reigns around me now. As I lay facing the ceiling, I realize what I missed. Chats (in the form of prayer) with my heavenly Father and time spent reading from my Bible.

God is the one who grants me breath, health and life. I’m not promised tomorrow. But I do have this day on earth to rejoice and give Him the glory — even if it’s spent in bed or on the couch.

Prayer: God, thank you that I am alive. I don’t feel well, but I can still find a reason to be thankful. Amen.

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